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A little familiarity with non-surgical termination of an unwanted pregnancy

Medical abortion by using abortion pills ensures complete privacy, is inexpensive and is a technically simple procedure. Consulting your gynecologist is a must. In fact, two visits are mandatory; first one is to date your pregnancy, as well as to check for possible conditions where usage of these drugs could lead to complications. After getting the go ahead you need to sign a consent form agreeing for medical termination of pregnancy with the help of medicines and then get these medicines prescribed. The first dose of medicine is anti-progesterone that blocks pregnancy hormones and the second drug is an anti-prostaglandin taken 48 hours later which triggers miscarriage where baby is expelled mostly within four hours. The second visit to your gynecologist is two weeks later to confirm complete miscarriage or emptying of the uterus. However, a visit soon after taking the 2nd dose may be an emergency requirement where you need to report to your gynecologist for excessive pain, bleeding or collapse and if needed surgical intervention may have to be done. It’s advisable to take the anti-prostaglandin in the morning and at a time when your doctor will be available to handle any complications. An anti-D shot is mandatory if you are Rh negative and your partner Rh positive.

Be prepared for side-effects such as nausea vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps which at times could be severe along with headache, dizziness and fatigue. In case of true drug failure which is manifested by the baby’s heart seen beating by ultrasound after two weeks, you will need surgical evacuation because after use of these drugs there could be abnormalities in the baby on continuation of the pregnancy.

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